McNaughton Building can provide custom furniture and benchtops from recycled and reclaimed timber, to suit any requirements.

Furniture ranges from tables and chairs, bedside tables, benchtops and wardrobes. Also bookshelves and bathroom and laundry vanities, custom made guitar cupboards and workbenches from timber slabs reclaimed during house construction/landclearing

Redgum Timber Table and Chairs from reclaimed redgum slabs supplied by Paul at Simply Slabs, Bodalla

Recycled Timber is always better for furniture or joinery as is stable and dry, although all timber will swell and shrink slightly with varying humidity levels, including furniture and floors etc.

Bathroom Vanity using timber from Thors Hammer, finished in OSMO coatings

Timber finishes preferred include Osmo, Organ Oil and U-Little Beauty oil based stain-wax, all for varying applications. Osmo for high water resistance such as benchtops, vanities etc, to waxing for general use shelving and wardrobes, to Organ oil for extended exterior use.

Recycled brushbox and WRC wardrobe

Custom furniture is designed for specific uses and locations, and is visually pleasing with a warm energy from recycled materials

Reclaimed Stringybark Bedside Table 1 of set of 6

Recycled timber suppliers include Thors Hammer – Canberra, Bodalla Trading Company – Bodalla,  Simply Slabs – Bodalla, Turbond Traders – North Moruya, Rodney Howes – Bodalla, Nullabor Timber , Shiver-Me-Timbers – Victoria, Eco-Civil Demolition – Sydney, plus the many demolished houses by McNaughton Building

Recycled Timber Table from left over timber from Thors Hammer

Timber benchtops are visually spectacular and provide a little more forgiveness with glass etc. The finishes today are durable and environmentally friendly and can be high gloss, semi or matt finish. All bringing the natural warmth to life and a warm energy provided from recycling the timber and giving it another life.

Recycled StringyBark Benchtop

Western Red Cedar is a fantastic material for furniture construction also, as it is light-weight, strong and durable. Becoming hard to find, and recycled is always the preferred option.

Western Red Cedar table and benches, from salvaged cedar left over from old building project
Western Red Cedar table and benches
Western Red Cedar Bench

Recycled timber is useful for creating excellent storage solutions, especially for books and souveniers.

Recycled timber bookshelves
Recycled timber bookshelves – timber from Thors Hammer
Hardwood Cellar Shelving
Hardwood Slab Kitchen Benchtop
Hardwood Slab Workbench
Custom Made Guitar Storage
Custom Made Guitar Storage Cupboard
Hardwood from site clearing used as petition wall